Immobiliare Barisone

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I have been carrying out this profession for twenty years now, initially alongside the family business of condominium administrations that my father managed, then gradually increasing my autonomy more and more, with the passion and commitment of the first day.

Having managed over 60 condominiums in Diano Marina in this period has allowed me to gain a lot of experience in the field of real estate management in every respect, thanks to the most disparate skills that this type of activity requires; last but not least (but certainly more important and delicate) to create a relationship of mutual trust and esteem with its customers to be consolidated over time.

For some years my business has focused solely on real estate brokerage and, thanks to the wealth of experience and knowledge I have acquired over time, I can continue to follow and assist clients with the same dedication.

Together with my collaborator Daniela, we manage sales of any type of property located in the Dianese Gulf, we have a very large and diversified real estate portfolio with an average of 80/90 properties offered for sale
We also manage medium-long term rentals, from one year upwards.

We also manage real estate assets of a single owner taking care of any eventuality in the management of the properties (stipulation, renewal and extension of lease agreements, accounting, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of buildings, relations with the condominium administrator, etc.)

The doors of my agency are open for everyone! If you happen to be in Diano Marina, come and visit us!


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